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Tax Preparation and Audits

Tax Preparation Services & Software Guidance

We get asked this question all the time: I do not have a tax problem—do you do normal taxes? The answer is an astounding yes! From our Sherman Oaks office, Alana Tax Group provides quality tax preparation services nationwide.

For those with simple taxes, we offer tax preparation software guidance to ease the process and simplify your future returns. Tax preparation software is very popular for a good reason—it is inexpensive and often free. If your return is slightly complicated, we do not recommend you using tax preparation software. Accidentally making a mistake on your tax return can be costly. Rather than fret over easy-to-make errors, take comfort in knowing your tax return was correctly prepared by a professional.

We recommend using tax preparation software for simple tax returns, such as:

  • You have one W-2 and some bank interest.
  • Your only deductions are property taxes, mortgage interest, and charitable contributions.
  • You have medical expenses and/or dependent care expenses.
  • You mainly earn social security income.
  • My spouse is a teacher and we can write off educator expenses.

If you have other items to report, then we recommend you get your tax returns prepared by a professional. Tax preparation software asks many questions to prepare your tax return. You may not know how to answer some of the questions. If you answer a question incorrectly, then the tax return will be incorrect, and you’ll never know it.

Consider using a trusted accountant to prepare your returns if you have any of these transactions:

  • Employee expenses
  • Rental real estate
  • Self-employed or business
  • Education expenses
  • Many stock transactions
  • Debt cancellation
  • Sale of your home
  • Foreclosure
  • Health savings account
  • Residential energy credit purchases

If you don’t file your tax returns, the IRS or the State may file a tax return on your behalf. If you haven’t filed your returns, you should file. The longer you wait the worse your situation becomes.

If you owe money once you file, we can help you figure out the best program to pay your tax (installment agreements), defer collection (CNC Status) or even lower your tax bill altogether (Offer in Compromise or Penalty Abatement).

Audit Representation from a Trusted Advisor

The best way to prevent tax audits is to trust a reliable advisor with your tax preparation. Alana Tax Group advocates equally for those on either end of the tax spectrum, from preparation services to audit representation.

If you have received that dreaded letter notifying you that your return has been selected for an audit, do not fear! Alana Tax Group has represented many clients nationwide in both personal and business tax audits. Even if you do not believe that you have done anything wrong or are unsure of why you are being audited, we don’t recommend that you attempt to represent yourself.

The Tax Audit Process: What You Need to Know

We provide you experience and professionalism when dealing with your IRS or State audit. For a personal audit, it is important to understand that returns are usually selected for statistical reasons. When you work with us, we become a buffer between you and the IRS and/or State. Before you allow them to take computers, records, even enter your place of business, stop and understand your rights. Contact Alana Tax Group first.

We may be able to go into the audit office for you and we will have your case prepared and positioned to give you the protection you deserve. We know your rights and you have nothing to fear. If paperwork is missing, we will help you put together all the documentary evidence you will need to come out of your tax audit successfully. We can complete most audits via correspondence audits, so there isn’t necessarily a need to appear. This allows us to handle a case across the nation regardless of your location.

Don’t be reluctant to schedule your examination because you’re convinced the outcome will be against you. You might think that when you hear the words “tax” or “audit”, they mean the same thing: you’re going to owe money. Not so. Bottom line, the IRS has mismatched information that you’re in a position to correct it. All you need to do is provide the documentation that supports your case which, if you’ve been accurate in your filing, shouldn’t be a problem. If you find yourself facing an audit or in need of an audit representative, Alana Tax Group is on your side. Contact us today.

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