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Client testimonials

Alana Tax Group has successfully resolved numerous tax controversies and is dedicated to providing highly personalized, professional, affordable, and time efficient services to a complete satisfaction of our clients. Remember, your victory is our success and our success is your victory.

Client's Total Liability: $150,000
Settlement: $0
Savings: $150,000 (100%)

"Alana Brontveyn, Esq. was my attorney for several years representing me in various business matters. This time, I retained her due to my ongoing battle with the IRS. I was self-employed for many years and failed to make tax deposits for my estimated tax payments in timely manner. My liability grew every year and the notices of payments due from the IRS were compounding. After thoroughly evaluating my tax transcripts and my financial situation, attorney Brontveyn made an Offer in Compromise on my behalf and was 100% successful. Throughout the process, Ms. Brontveyn and her tax team were responsive to my every call and were courteous and professional. They gave me my life back and I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

The amount I owed to the IRS was over $150,000. Due to Ms. Brontveyn’s expertise and tireless efforts, the entire debt was forgiven. Thank you again for helping me to get a fresh start."

Victoria K. Los Angeles, CA

Client's Total Liability: $1,200,456
Installment Agreement: $2,000

"I am a successful business man who ended up with a million dollar income tax liability due to improper tax withholdings in the course of several years. Even though I did not qualify for an Offer in Compromise, Alana Tax Group was able to place me on the installment agreement with the IRS at $2,000 per month, which was unprecedented due my monthly income of over $30,000. Prior to hiring Alana Tax Group, my case was handled by several other tax relief firms and no one was able to place me on such an affordable installment agreement. Other firms wanted me to me to pay $15,000-25,000 per month to the IRS. I am very happy with Alana Tax Group and highly recommend them to anyone."

Simon P, Palos Verdes, California

"In addition to resolving my tax liability with the IRS, Tax Experts at Alana Tax Group were able to get my penalties refunded to me. Their tax team is very knowledgeable and was very helpful and easy to work with. Additionally, what is distinctive about ATG tax team is that their staff consists of highly experienced tax attorneys."

Alexander H., Denham Springs, Louisiana

Client's Total Liability: $150,945
Bank Levy: $107,000

I am self-employed and owe more than $150,000 in federal income taxes. The IRS levied my bank account for $107,000. My business froze; I could not pay salaries to my employees, and could not pay my vendors. I did not know what to do. I wanted to file Bankruptcy. My business partner recommended that I call Alana Tax Group. Alana’s Tax Experts fought the IRS for several days on my behalf. They first spoke to my Revenue Officer asking her to release the levy. She denied. They called her manager, she denied. Then, they filed an Appeal with the IRS office of Appeals and won. They never gave up. The IRS agreed to refund all $107,000 and allowed us to continue with the business. I highly recommend them. They will fight for you as they fought for me until they win.

Mark S. , Santa Barbara, California

Michigan Department of Revenue levied my wages. They wanted $4,200 off of my pay check. I started defaulting on my mortgage and my house bills. I found Alana Tax Group on line. I spoke to Alana Brontveyn, she handled my case. She was able to get the Department to release my levy and placed me on a payment plan my family could afford. Additionally, I was levied by the IRS at the same time, Alana Brontveyn released my IRS wage levy in several hours. I could not believe it!!! Call Alana Tax Group, you will not regret. They take your matter personally like no one else.

Margaret T, Romulus, Michigan

Client's Total Liability: $64,000
Settlement: $50
Savings: $63,950 (99%)

"I knew I needed professional tax help, because I own my own business and had a great number of files to deal with. (It was the overwhelming number things to file that led to me misfiling and owing back taxes in the first place.) Before signing up with Alana Tax Group, I had hired a local tax attorney to handle my problem with IRS and had no positive resolution. So I finally fired him and went online, hoping for the best.

Thankfully, I found Alana Tax Group when I browsed through their website, I read a story featuring one of their attorneys, Alana Brontveyn, who uncovered tax identify theft in Oregon. I was impressed and called ATG. Alana and her tax team were just amazing, very knowledgeable and persistent. I was shocked when the IRS accepted our offer in compromise and my tax liability for $67,000 was reduced to $50. What a great job!

I know there are a lot untrustworthy people and companies out there (as I found out), but I’ll tell anyone: You can trust Alana Tax Group. I definitely recommend them."

Nicholas S., Fort Worth, Texas

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